Full Fitting – 1 Hour - £40

Using the SAM PuttLab from Science and Motion Sports and coupled with our in depth putting stroke and product knowledge, we are able to offer a complete putter fitting service. During the fitting we will be looking to collect information in the following areas to allow us to create the most suitable putter for each individual.

  • Length
  • Lie
  • Loft
  • Head Design & Balance
  • Grip Size
  • Set Up

The SAM PuttLab software allows us to measure and analyse 28 parameters and use 3D video playback to show us exactly what’s happening during the putting stroke.


Retro Fit – 45mins - £30

As with the full fitting session we use the Sam PuttLab to asses if the current putter you are using is suited to you. With the availability of our tour workshop on site, and the extensive range of over 120 putter grips we keep in stock, we can make almost any necessary alterations for you whilst you wait.


Analysis – 45mins - £30

Not sure why you are missing so many putts? We offer a complete stroke analysis which can help to highlight any potential areas for improvement. This could be something as simple as general set up or alignment.

Similarly if you are currently putting well, why not visit us for a benchmarking session? This session is designed to show you what is happening in the current stroke that’s making it work

The data is then kept on file and can be used to keep
check on your stroke throughout the season.


Onsite alterations

Having a fully kitted out and stocked tour workshop on site allows us to offer a wide range of alterations and adjustments and usually whilst you wait.

  • Loft & Lie
  • Re-Grip – over 120 grips in stock.
  • Putter Extension
  • Putter shortening
  • Weight alterations