The putter is the single most used club in a golfer’s bag and therefore should be given the attention it deserves. From a tour pro to a beginner, everybody can benefit from a putter to suit the way they putt.

With so many putters to choose from many golfers will buy a putter purely on how they look or after hitting only a couple of putts on the shop floor, this approach could be costing them shots.

We need to be asking the same questions as we do with all of the other clubs in the bag –

Is the length correct for me?

Does it have the right Loft & Lie?

Is the grip size correct?

On top of that we have to look at the design of the putter, do you need face balanced or is a putter with more toe hang suited to your stroke?

The technologies in the putter face design are ever evolving and they should be tested to see which offers the truest and most consistent roll for you.